Whilst many of the services we offer are quite specialised, we are experienced in smaller general-purpose work too:

Driveway Care

Using a professional steam cleaner NFAAS is able to clean and revitalise driveways, patios etc and once dried, re-sand to produce a tidy and ‘as new’ finish. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Before After

Forestry Work

Whether it's a single tree or a small wood, we can manage or fell it. We are fully trained and can perform work in both rural and urban environments. Please contact us for more information as this service is limited.

If you need trees, hedges or other flora planting or pruning we are able to offer a comprehensive service.


NFAAS is able to carry out a range of gardening duties, from general weeding to full site clearance.

Lawn Establishment

Using one of several methods at our disposal, we can fully prepare land and sow grass seed or various other mixtures. We are also able to 'patch up' and improve existing lawns. Grass seed can be supplied on demand, Please contact us for more information on seed mixtures.

Lawn Maintenance

We have a range of lawn care equipment suitable for small household tasks through to being able to professionally mow and roll playing surfaces. Strimming and weed control services are also available.

Wood Chipping/Log Cutting

We can provide the service as either part of our forestry work or separately. Wood chips make excellent natural fuel or compost and can also be used for decorative garden floor covering. Chipping is done via a 13hp chipper that can handle diameter up to 3.5 inch. Alternatively we can come and saw logs to size, just as long as you provide the wood!





Tree Felling
Tree Felling in Selby, N. Yorks

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn with stripes done via lawnmower

Looking after gardens