LGP Info

We have specialised vehicles to carry out Low Ground Pressure (LGP) work on fields where conditions or contents do not permit the use of heavier pieces of machinery. We have different LGP systems for spreading fertiliser, slug pellets, seed or other materials (up to 24m radius) and for spraying pesticides and other solutions up to 12m.

GPS Mapping

Using a highly accessible all-terrain vehicle we are able to map boundaries and features of your land and provide you with a comprehensive report. This technology can also be used with the soil sampling service to provide you with an accurate reference as to where the samples were taken, and thus the soil conditions at that location. The GPS is also used with the ATV for spraying, fertilising and slug pelleting and the LGP Agribuggy and Compact tractor when fertiliser spreading.

Please contact us regarding these innovative solutions or any of our services which may be applicable to your needs.


Using a 1.5m disc coulter drill, patching up slug/weather damaged crops couldn’t be easier. The drill is also useful for establishing game cover strips or environmental boundary strips. Alternately seeds can be broadcasted and harrowed in if required.

Fertiliser Spreading

We are able to offer a choice of options, either using the ATV with small spreader (up to 4m spread) or 12m spread via compact tractor or the Agribuggy with up to 24m spread with the added option for self filling using its own crane to reduce the need for an extra tractor/loader.

LGP Spraying

Using either the ATV (0.5m – 2m or 12m) or knapsack sprayer, NFAAS can spray a variety of situations, whether it been fields, farm yards, tracks etc.

Other Services

Other services such as, ploughing, power harrowing, discing, grass mowing, tedding/raking, topping and hedge/verge cutting are also available, Please contact us for more information.

Slug Pelleting

Using either the ATV (up to 24 m spread) or the Agribuggy (12m spread) slug pellets or similar materials can be quickly and effectively broadcasted. Large contracts subject to a discount, Please contact us for more information.

Soil Sampling

As well as specialised LGP contracting, we also offer soil sampling and analysis.

For this, theare are two options:

  • a service where we do all the work (site visit, collection of samples, testing, analysis and feedback of results)

  • alternatively, we are able to send a sample collection pack to you which you then return to have the rest of the service carried out by us.

GPS Mapping
GPS mapping of land features gives detailed information

1.5 Metre Drill
ATV towed drill

LGP spreader
LGP vehicle used for spreading fertiliser

12M LGP Sprayer
LGP ATV towed 12 metre Hardi Sprayer