With a 1.6m working width spiker aerator, we can quickly and effectively improve grassland via making small slits ranging from 3-6inch deep which allows grass to ‘breathe’ better. This then increases nutrient uptake reduces surface compaction often left by vehicles/animals etc and in turn prolongs the grazing season for the grass sward.


If you are planning to establish a new paddock, then as well as seeding we can erect the fencing in any style you wish along with any gates or turnstiles as required. We also undertake fence repair and replacement work. Please contact us for more information as this service is only available during certain times of the year.

Fertiliser Spreading

NFAAS is able to not only apply the fertiliser, but also supply the required fertiliser for the job. Either a blend with low nitrogen i.e. for grazing or higher N i.e. 20.10.10 or 34.5 N for hay production is available; more options can be sought if required. Depending on the area, application is either done by ATV (4m), small tractor (12m) or tractor (24m).

Flail Mowing

Using a 1.3m wide flail mower, overgrown areas and grass patches/fields can be quickly and effectively chopped down to produce a nice finish.


Harrowing is used to remove dead grass, moss and small weeds from grass swards in the spring and autumn. It also helps encourage growth thus prolonging the life of the sward.

Hay and Straw Baleing

Using a conventional (small bale) baler we can come and bale your hay or straw or we can also carry out the full package for making hay as long as you provide the grass! We can mow it, turn it and bale and cart it to a designated area. This service is only available within a 20 mile radius of YO8 8PS. Please see Bale Contracting page on the website for more information.

Paddock Seeding

Whether you want to re-vitalise your existing grass land or are establishing a new area, we have the solution. Using a range of traditional and modern methods, grass paddocks can be established quickly and with minimal disturbance using specialised machinery. Grass seed can be supplied, with a wide range of choices from General grazing mix to Intensive Hay production. Please contact us for more information regarding prices and availability.

Old Paddock Sprayed Off Worked Up Seeded & Rolled Starting to Grow Finished Paddock
From L to R: Old warn out paddock, Sprayed off, Worked up, Seeded and Rolled, Grass just emerging and Final product, new luscious paddock

Paddock Cleaning

With the use of an all-terain vehicle and towed vacuum device, we will make traditional mucking-out a thing of the past! Clearing speeds of around 1 acre per hour are achievable using this system (depending upon severity of muck).


NFAAS can roll existing grassland using a flat roller or ring roller for new grass paddocks. Rolling existing paddocks consolidates the land and can encourage new grass shoots as well as flattening out mole hills. Whereas on new grass paddocks, rolling is done to firm the ground and give a better soil to seed contact for improved growth.


Using a range of appliances, NFAAS can tackle all aspects of spraying that is common on equine yards/paddocks. The knapsack is used for awkward areas, spot spraying and around buildings. ATV mounted sprayer for driveways, field corners, small paddocks under 3 acres or a 12 metre sprayer for larger areas.


Sisis 1.6m Maxislit Aerator

Vicon 602 Fertiliser Spreader
Fertiliser Spreader

Flail Mower
Flail Mower

Opico Grass harrows
Grass Harrows

Paddock Hoover
Vacuum Muck Sucker

Paddock Roller

12M Logic Sprayer
12 metre Sprayer